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In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at reshaping the landscape of medical education, the innovative TWO-PILLAR PROJECT has been unveiled. This visionary project, founded on the principles of bridging the gap between science and society, promises to instill a deeper sense of responsibility and compassion in future medical professionals.

Under the banner of  Medicine, Health & the Human Side, the project aims to foster two crucial pillars:

  1. THE PROFESSIONAL: Innovation in Medical Education

Central to this pillar is the recognition of innovation as a fundamental aspect of both study and training in the medical field. Beyond the acquisition of clinical knowledge, emphasis will be placed on cultivating a mindset of continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving healthcare landscapes.

  1. THE PERSON: Global Health Program

In an era characterized by interconnectedness, the Global Health Program seeks to provide students and residents with immersive experiences in diverse healthcare settings worldwide. By exposing participants to the realities of global health challenges, the program aims to facilitate personal growth and cultivate a broader understanding of healthcare disparities.

A cornerstone of the project involves Developing Our Leaders in Medicine Through Traineeship in Africa. By immersing aspiring healthcare professionals in the unique challenges faced by communities in Africa, the initiative aims to foster a heightened sense of social responsibility and equip participants with the skills necessary to address complex global health issues.

Dr. Pietro Invernizzi, emphasized the need for a paradigm shift in medical education. “We must move beyond the traditional model of training doctors solely in clinical skills,” Dr. Invernizzi stated. “Our aim is to cultivate individuals who not only excel in medical practice but also possess the empathy, cultural competence, and global perspective required to effect positive change in the world.

As the medical community grapples with increasingly complex healthcare challenges, initiatives like TWO-PILLAR PROJECT serve as a beacon of hope, paving the way for a new generation of healthcare leaders committed to advancing both the science and the human side of medicine.