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New eLearning course, and open call for all professionals focused on malaria

Monday 16 October 2023 | 13.00 – 14:00 UTC+1

After an extended summer break, Epidemic Ethics is pleased to announce its next virtual seminar. This seminar will have a regional focus and be the first in a new series spotlighting some of the complex and unique ethical challenges affecting specific areas of the world both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Seminar speakers, Michael Parker, Signe Mežinska and Siobhán O’Sullivan, will be examining the key lessons from Europe brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the extent to which Europe’s experience of the pandemic was unique if at all, and finally, Europe’s present situation in regard to pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Seminar attendees are invited to submit questions and comments to the panel when they register or during the live discussion.

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Upcoming Webinar: How to Tackle Health Technology Innovations: Case Studies from Africa

Tuesday 17 October 2023 | 13:00 – 15:30 UTC+1

The increasing interest in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to bridge gaps in healthcare has drawn professionals from various fields, including data scientists, software engineers, and entrepreneurs. This webinar will present insights from start-ups and sub-grantees of the IDRC funded AI for Global Health hub, highlighting their challenges and solutions. The goal is to guide and inspire entrepreneurs, investors, healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers towards ensuring ethical and responsible usage of artificial intelligence in healthcare within the African landscape.

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Upcoming Webinar: Getting started with R for Health Data Science

Wednesday 25 October 2023 | 12:00 – 13:00 UTC+1

In today’s digital age, where data plays a pivotal role in healthcare, this ‘Getting started with R for Health Data Science’ webinar will explore the dynamic world of R programming and its applications in health data research. This webinar will serve as an entry point and offer you insights into the powerful capabilities and versatility that R brings in the pursuit of a diverse range of health research projects, focusing on data manipulation, analysis and presentation/visualisation. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from our four exceptional speakers as they share their experiences of using R in real projects, conducted from their respective institutes from around the world.

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Upcoming Webinar: Using Interdisciplinary Data and Concepts in Research: The Trajetorias Project

Thursday 26 October 2023 | 13:00 – 14:00 UTC+1

The Amazon region, one of the most biodiverse biomes, is under threat due to increasing deforestation rates, intense extraction of minerals, and implementation of large-scale agrarian systems in a fragile environment. In Brazil, this biome is home for 30 million inhabitants, with a rich diversity of cultures. Providing economic solutions for this complex society demands ever-increasing exchanges of knowledge between academic and non-academic disciplines.

The Scientific Synthesis project, “Trajetorias”, nursed within the Synthesis Center on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (Sinbiose-CNPq) developed a framework for the joint debate of the economic, environmental and human health solutions within the Amazon region. The “Trajetorias” dataset was developed linking human and environmental health to the rural techno-productive trajectories in Amazonian municipalities.

In this webinar from the Global Health Data Science Hub, the Trajetorias team will launch the Trajetorias dashboard, that allows the visualisation and interaction with the dataset and its indicators. This is an opportunity to learn more about the framework developed by the team and the use of epidemiological, environmental and economic data and the experiences of the team.

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Upcoming Workshop: Paediatric Brain Infections

Friday 27 October 2023 | 14:00 – 15:00 UTC+1

Infections of the central nervous system are life-threatening in children. Join this interactive session with the Global Brain Health Clinical Exchange Platform to discuss tuberculosis meningitis, the most devastating form of tuberculosis, which even when treated has a 20% mortality rate in children and leaves over 50% of survivors with a neurological disability. This workshop will also cover ventriculoperitoneal shunt infection, an often-neglected cause of neurological infection in children which is associated with increased risk of seizure disorders, decreased intellectual performance and increased mortality. All clinicians, academics, policy makers and allied professionals are invited to register.

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Upcoming Webinar: Childhood Disability in Sub-Saharan Africa

Thursday 2 November 2023 | 13:30 – 15:00 UTC

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities sets out how disability stems from the interaction between physical and mental impairments and an unaccommodating environment, the biopsychosocial model of disability. Children with congenital anomalies in sub-Saharan Africa live with considerable stigma that leads to exclusion from participation in community life. They experience late and inadequate access to surgery which leads to higher levels of physical impairment, associated in turn with higher potential for stigma and exclusion, as well as lower survival than their peers in high income countries.

In this webinar, speakers will discuss UNICEF’s data on child disability in Africa, the Global Burden of Disease project’s estimations of disability due to congenital anomaly in Africa and how this could be reduced by improving access to surgical services, and research on participation of children with disabilities due to congenital anomalies in Africa.

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LactaHub workshop: Exploring the benefits of breastfeeding and breastmilk

Tuesday 7 November 2023 | 14:00 – 15:30 UTC

Explore the nutritional and health benefits of breastfeeding and discover its positive influence on child development and maternal well-being. Through this LactaHub workshop hosted as a pre-event to the 1st Amref International University Primary Healthcare Congress, the aim is to shed light on the global significance of breastfeeding, the nutrients in breastmilk, its immediate and long-term health advantages for children, and its positive effects on maternal health.

A certificate of attendance will be issued after full participation.

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Upcoming webinar: Communicating with emotional competence: Making a difference to patients and colleagues

Friday 10 November 2023 | 12:00 – 13:00 UTC

Learning skills through the iCARE-Haaland model has changed the way health professionals across cultures work with patients and colleagues and take care of their own health. Participants from nine countries have stated that the most important skill they have learnt is how to recognize and manage emotions, a skill they weren’t aware they needed.

In this webinar, you will learn about the main features of the model and how and why it works across cultures.

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New free eLearning course: Geographical access in healthcare – a short course

The course would benefit learners who would like a basic understanding of the concept of geographical access to care as a determinant of health outcomes. Using real world examples, we will explore the theoretical as well as practical matters related to the subject. This course is aimed at Health Geographers, Spatial Epidemiologists, environment and health specialists, health systems policy planners/makers as well as graduate students asking questions about spatial access to healthcare. This course has been created primarily by authors from the Place Alert Labs (PALs) initiative at Midlands State University Zimbabwe, in collaboration with the PREgnancy Care Integrating translational Science Everywhere (PRECISE) core team at King’s College London.
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Applications open soon for the University of Oxford’s first fully online Postgraduate Diploma in Global Health Research

The course is based on the evidence-led Essential Research Skills Training Curriculum for Health Research which was developed as a collaboration between The Global Health Network and the UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases and based on a study that involved over 7,000 participants from 153 countries. This makes the diploma the first of its kind where all the core skills and component steps identified to undertake quality, practical and appropriate health research studies are covered, making it relevant for research into any disease, in all types of studies, and in any setting.

This part time course is suitable for busy professionals who want to keep working or cannot travel, and aims to tackle inequities in health research leadership. Applications will open soon for the 2024 intake.

Learn more: Postgraduate Diploma in Global Health Research 

Registration open for Amref International University 1st Primary Healthcare Congress

Date: 29 November – 1 December 2023
Venue: Amref International University Main Campus, Langata Road, Nairobi
Theme: Aligning practice to evidence in strengthening PHC for lasting health change in Africa

The implementation of public healthcare in Africa could be more impactful if it is based on evidence that is contextualized. Much of the research that informs PHC is not Africa-led, and even when evidence is generated within Africa, its translation to programs and policy remains dismal. In light of these challenges, Amref International University together with its research partners from Africa and beyond have convened to deliberate on the extent to which PHC practices in Africa are evidence-based and to share recent evidence that can enhance PHC practice.

Amref International University 1st Primary Healthcare Congress

Are you working on malaria? Join a new global community for all malaria researchers

With climate change altering where mosquitoes are thriving, migration of people and the ever-increasing danger of drug resistance, the risk of escalation cannot be ignored, and it is time to act. There was incredible news this week on the R21/Matrix-M vaccine for malaria recommended by  WHO (WHO recommends R21/Matrix-M vaccine for malaria prevention in updated advice on immunization), and we heartily congratulate the research team for over 30 years of work resulting in this important milestone.

We need to keep up this momentum and make sure the global research community does not lose focus on Malaria, it is important to be ahead of resistance and have a wide toolkit of drugs, vaccines, and vector control measures.

This open research community can connect those working on drugs, vaccines, vectors, policy, as well as those caring for patients and working in the community to mitigate escalating risks.  The goal is to foster collaboration, bring efficiency and accelerate progress by sharing methods, tools, ideas and come together to apply for grants, run new studies and bring different disciplines together.  Interested? Great, please sign up here:

I’m interested in joining a new global community for all malaria researchers

The Global Research Nurses Knowledge Hub: Fostering nurse-led antimicrobial resistance research in Brazil

An article in the LINKS magazine titled ‘Strengthening Partnerships to Facilitate Collaborative Nurse-Led Research Projects on Antimicrobial Resistance in Brazil’ (page 26) highlights through a case study and personal experience the impact of the Global Research Nurses Knowledge Hub in supporting the careers of nurses and midwives involved in research and fostering nurse-led research in low and middle-income countries.
LINKS is the official publication of The Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centers for Nursing and Midwifery.
LINKS Nursing and Midwifery Magazine – Volume 16

The Global Health Network will present highlights of latest activities at the Eleventh EDCTP Forum

Date: 7-10 November 2023

Venue: Palais des Congrès de Paris in Paris, France

The Forum theme is Partnering for Global Health Research Innovation and Impact in Africa – Celebrating EDCTP: two decades and beyond.

This Forum will mark EDCTP’s 20th Anniversary and will be hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France and ANRS | Emerging Infectious Diseases and will be jointly supported by the second EDCTP programme (EDCTP2) and the Global Health EDCTP3 Joint Undertaking.

Eleventh EDCTP Forum