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Global Health Preparatory Course

Traineeships and Internship abroad can be metaphorically described as an academic, intellectual, cultural, and emotional journey, which offers opportunities for international interaction and personal growth – enriching experiences, gaining knowledge, and developing skills and attitudes that benefit a student both professionally and personally. Individual sensitivity to a global health perspective is and will be a pivotal attitude for the doctor of the future.

In order to ensure the students and resident doctors get a holistic experience, UNIMIB has put in place a preparatory course covering all phases of mobility – before departure; during the course of the mobility to reduce the possible impact of high-stress situations; and finally monitored upon return, reflecting on the period spent abroad and the activities carried out there.

The learning objectives of the course are:

  • To understand global health disparities

  • To develop an awareness of the key diseases affecting health in poor countries, and the health systems in which these diseases are treated

  • To know about effective medical care in areas with limited resources

  • To develop a multicultural perspective towards global health. Learn to collaborate effectively with professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds

  • To be equipped to emotionally and psychologically deal with high impact situations

  • To gain insight and experience into the ways research can help address global health issues



Understanding of global health

Inputs on Obstetrics/Pediatrics/Dental

Personal safety and protection


Psychological wellbeing: coping strategies, resilience, and psychological growth


Travelling – vaccinations, visa, insurance

Living – cost of living, guest house, personal safety

Work ethics, behavior, dress code
Student testimonials

Counselling GHC

Importance of Counselling

Life is filled with setbacks and unexpected challenges. Creating a resilient mindset that can successfully “bounce back” and grow from challenging and adverse experiences is increasingly precious and is especially critical when facing new adventures.

Counselling program aims to:  Define resilience and coping strategies; Foster reflection on different ways of managing and experiencing stress and on styles of responding to difficulties in life; Provide functional and effective strategies to adopt in stressful situations; Discover ways to actively cultivate resilience in your life.

Counselling During & After Mobility

During the pre-departure preparatory course, students are made aware that the Extra EU traineeship context in LMICs may trigger psychological distress and/or exacerbate pre-existing difficulties and fragility. They are informed that they can access the university psychological counselling service at any time to seek emotional and psychological assistance.

Counselling & psychological support during mobility

Students are offered individual therapy or counselling support to talk confidentially about any concerns that may be impacting on academic performance or mental health and wellbeing.

Counselling & psychological support after mobility

A debriefing is scheduled with students after returning to favor an optimal return to the original context, explore the major challenges faced and the strategies used to overcome them, consider emotionally impacting experiences and assist students in a cognitive reframing of these experiences to support their wellbeing and professional and personal growth.


Bicocca GHC

Traineeship opportunities

Undergraduate students traineeship

Bicocca GHC in collaboration with our Partners offer Traineeship opportunities

Residents & fellows internship

Residency programs are open to internship opportunities that offer exposure to global health