Exploring the pathway of critically ill children admitted to the St Mary’s Lacor Hospital, Gulu (Uganda):
a prospective observational study
St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital, Uganda

To evaluate the current pathway dedicated to critical pediatric patients presenting at Lacor Hospital, in order to identify characteristics of patients, timing of in-take, pathway from the presentation to the appropriate service and the clinical outcomes.


Key Information

  • Total Budget: In definition

  • Funding:: by UNIMIB

  • Duration:2023 – 5 months

  • Location: St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital, Fondazione Corti

  • Lead Partners: UNIMIB, Fondazione IRCCS San Gerardo dei Tintori
  • Coordinator: Dr. Maria Luisa Melzi/Dr. Marta Canesi/Prof. Maria Grazia Valsecchi

Study Design & Target Population

National monocentric, observational, prospective study. The study aims to identify the current status of critical children management once admitted to the Emergency Department (E), the Pediatric Department and to the outpatient clinic.

During this observational pilot phase, we will collect data about the pathways of critically ill children at Lacor Hospital considering different variables (i.e. clinical conditions, timing, staffing). This will help driving an intervention to implement the emerging lacks, improving the efficiency and efficacy of the identified pathways through an intense partnership between the St Mary’s Lacor Hospital and the Pediatric Department, University of Milano Bicocca, Fondazione IRCCS San Gerardo dei Tintori, Monza (Italy).

Target Population: Children (28 days-14 ys) arriving at the ED, at Pediatric Department and the outpatient clinic at Lacor Hospital. Only those who will present at least one inclusion criteria will be enrolled.
Inclusion criteria:
– Age: 28 days-14 years;
– At least 1 priority sign;

Expected Impact

The implementation of the pathway of care of the patients admitted for critical conditions could be beneficial to make their diagnostic and therapeutic care more efficient and, then, to improve the patients’ overall prognosis.

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