Fondazione Ambrosoli

Education & Training to support capacity building for management of Emergency Room at Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital

Kalongo, Uganda

The project seeks to strengthen institutional capacity in developing and enhancing knowledge, skills, abilities, processes and resources in managing the emergency room at Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital.


Key Information

  • Funding: UNIMIB, Niguarda hospital

  • Duration: 2023 – 2025

  • Location: Uganda

  • Beneficiary Partners: Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital

  • Lead Partners: UNIMIB, Niguarda Hospital

  • Coordinator: Prof. Michele Bombelli


  • Outgoing mobility of UNIMIB Residents from the Internal Medicine specialization field, Niguarda doctors
  • Organization of training at the Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital focused on clinical management, supporting the medical activity of the Kalongo emergency room
  • Support in developing protocols and guidelines regarding the management of emergency room
  • Capacity building for Quality Management (clinical documentation, standard operating procedures).

Expected Impact

Enhancement of medical assistance in Uganda’s Agago District by training Emergency room staff in efficient patient management. Simultaneously, resident doctors will gain broader insights into medical and social challenges in low-resource hospitals, improving overall healthcare.

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