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Global Health Center has strong existing relationship with our partners, who are leaders in global

We believe Partnerships are essential in global health, where the goal is to improve health and
achieve health equity for all. Bicocca GHC will continue to work to expand our network of Partners who
seek alignment and exchange around areas of mutual interest and the ability to achieve outcomes that cannot otherwise be achieved alone.

Fondazione Corti (259 × 129 px)
Fondazione Corti
Medici con l’Africa Cuamm
Fondazione Ambrosoli
Fondazione Italia-Uganda
Comitato Maria Letizia Verga
Fondazione MBBM
Bicocca GHC Partners
Bicocca GHC

Let’s collaborate together on Global Health

Bicocca Global Health Center

Global Health 

The Center brings forth the extensive knowledge base of our department to develop sustainable solutions that address global health challenges through a  multidisciplinary approach.

Let’s collaborate together on Global Health

Improve health equity worldwide  through comprehensive educational programs

Capacity building