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Global health is increasingly recognized as an important component of medical education. Physicians are faced with a diverse array of healthcare challenges. There is a growing need for global knowledge related to inequities in health, globalization of care, and the interconnectedness of the world.

Traineeship in global health is for students who want to gain a first-hand understanding of the health challenges facing people in low- and middle-income countries. We believe experiential Learning through Traineeship can provide students a transformative experience in understanding of Global Health.

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Traineeship | Two-Pillar Project


Undergraduate students


The Traineeship program offered to undergraduate students from Medicine & Surgery, Nursing, Obstetrics and Dental aims to help enrich experiences, gain knowledge, and develop intercultural skills that benefit a student both professionally and personally.


Bicocca GHC in collaboration with our Partners offer Traineeship opportunities at the following locations:

  • Lacor Hospital, Uganda – Fondazione Corti
  • Kalongo Hospital, Uganda – Fondazione Ambrosoli
  • Tosamaganga Hospital, Tanzania – CUAMM

Traineeship Duration

6 – 8 weeks

Funding Support

Master Thesis Project

Students in collaboration with their faculty mentor can design a field research project that will become the basis of their thesis.

Residents & fellows

While the requirements of residency programs provide varying flexibility for off-site rotations and content specialization, many residency programs at University of Milano-Bicocca are open to internship opportunities that offer exposure to global health clinical and learning opportunities.  The same is also open to PhD students to pursue research opportunities.



  • Lacor Hospital, Uganda – Fondazione Corti
  • Kalongo Hospital, Uganda – Fondazione Ambrosoli
  • Benedict Hospital, Uganda – Fondazione Italia-Uganda
  • Tosamaganga Hospital, Tanzania – CUAMM

  • Open to other locations, as approved by the Director of specific Specialization School or the PhD supervisor

Internship duration

min. 3 months

Funding Support

“Junior Project Officer”– program offered by CUAMM

A theoretical-practical training opportunity structured in a training course “Cooperating for health in Africa”, followed by 6 months of field experience.

Bicocca GHC Partners

Bicocca GHC

Work and learn with our Global Partners


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Courses and seminars

Dedicated to new student enrollments, Student Welcome Day is a special event for all new students starting their university career at the Department of Medicine & Surgery. Since 2021, we have been dedicating this event to the understanding of global health. We believe Global health provides a framework to address issues such as inequities in health, cultural competency, globalization of health care, and social and environmental determinants of health crucial to modern medical education.
The Bicocca Global Health Center organizes an annual event called the Student Welcome Day, which is eagerly anticipated by students. This carefully organized event aims to provide students with a memorable and enriching experience. Months in advance, experts, educators, and global health organizations collaborate to curate an engaging program tailored specifically for students. Throughout the event, students actively engage with the content and have the opportunity to interact with experienced speakers and panelists, gaining valuable insights and advice. The Student Welcome Day also fosters networking opportunities, allowing students to connect with peers who share similar interests, promoting a sense of community and collaboration. This event serves as a catalyst for inspiring and nurturing the next generation of global health leaders, creating a supportive environment that encourages learning, collaboration, and excellence in the field of global health.