The world has been confronted with complex challenges, from new political upheavals and humanitarian crisis, ecosystem destruction to SARS COVID-19 resulting in disruption of healthcare systems. A deeply neglected public health challenge continues to increase, affecting the poor and those in low and middle-income countries the most. This reminds us of the importance of global health as an interdisciplinary arena, crucial to building a more sustainable, equitable, and healthier future for all.

The Department of Medicine & Surgery at University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy has established BICOCCA GLOBAL HEALTH CENTER (Bicocca GHC), that engages faculty, researchers, resident doctors, and students to develop transformative interventions for addressing global health problems. The Center brings forth the extensive knowledge base of our department to develop sustainable solutions that address global health challenges through a multidisciplinary approach.

Bicocca GHC

«Two Pillar» Method in Medical Education

Medicine bridges the gap between science and society.

But medicine is more than the sum of our knowledge about disease. It includes delivering equitable health for all, with a compassionate human side.

Medicine, Health & The Human Side – our responsibility in medical education to form:

  • The professional: innovation as a core tenet to study and training

  • The person: rich, transformative experience and personal growth for our students and Residents through traineeships in the field of global health

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Our effectiveness lies in our ability to collaborate with our Partners across our three main strategic actions:

Capacity building
Bicocca GHC


Our vision is to improve health for all through education, research and capacity building; to foster the learning of our students & resident doctors to become tomorrow’s global health leaders; and to collaborate with partners to develop and sustain locally-led, quality health care, education programs and practices.


  • To exposure our students and health care professionals to the health challenges in LMICs and build their understanding, competencies & skills, both professionally & personally

  • To collaborate with universities, hospitals and NGOs in LMICs to train leaders in health care
  • To support capacity building for medical education, research and clinical skills
  • To facilitate joint research and innovative digital technologies
  • To engage and collaborate with diverse stakeholders in addressing the challenges and supporting the well-being of the local communities

Meet our Bicocca GHC team

Leadership team

Bicocca Global Health Center Rettrice Iannantuoni

Giovanna Iannantuoni


Bicocca GHC

“University of Milano-Bicocca is committed to improving and advancing the health and well-being in low and middle income countries (LMICs) through medical education, clinical care, biomedical research, and community engagement.”

Bicocca Global Health Center Pietro Invernizzi

Pietro Invernizzi


Bicocca GHC

“Medicine in the 21st century requires a broad knowledge of health issues faced around the world. Globalization has made it so that no disease can be confined to national borders. Physicians are called upon to address global health concerns; the devastating COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder that no community is immune from public health threats.

Bicocca Global Health Center endeavors to rethink the role of the doctor, their social responsibility and the challenges they are called to face. New training is needed, to build not only clinical, but also social and global competences and train young people who want to be doctors.

At University of Milano-Bicocca, we’re embarking on academia – NGO collaboration in the field of global health that can expand the reach and impact of our institutions, serve our respective missions, and improve health outcomes globally. Our philosophy lies in thinking long-term and conceive projects that will reap benefits in years to come.”

Andrea Biondi

Andrea Biondi

Person Bicocca GHC

Michele Bombelli

Paolo Bonfanti

Paolo Bonfanti

Person Bicocca GHC

Maria Carla Gilardi

Bicocca Global Health Center Antonella Nespoli

Antonella Nespoli

Fabio Pagni

Fabio Pagni

Gianfranco Parati

Gianfranco Parati

Michele Riva GHC

Michele Augusto Riva

Person Bicocca GHC

Ilaria Rivolta

Mariagrazia Strepparava GHC

Mariagrazia Strepparava

Bicocca GHC


Davide Ausili GHC

Davide Ausili

Person Bicocca GHC

Marco Giovanni Baldoni

Guido Cavaletti GHC

Guido Angelo Cavaletti

Giuseppe Citerio GHC

Giuseppe Citerio

Clementina Cocuzza GHC

Clementina Cocuzza

Person Bicocca GHC

Paolo Angelo Cortesi

Stefania Di Mauro

Stefania Di Mauro

Robert Fruscio GHC

Robert Fruscio

Carlo Giussani GHC

Carlo Giorgio Giussani

Person Bicocca GHC

Giuseppe Lapadula

Person Bicocca GHC

Marcello Maddalone

Fulvio Magni GHC

Fulvio Magni

Lorenzo Mantovani GHC

Lorenzo Giovanni Mantovani

Person Bicocca GHC

Giorgio Novelli

Luca Pavesi GHC

Luca Arturo Pavesi

Person Bicocca GHC

Selena Russo

Maria Grazia Valsecchi

Maria Grazia Valsecchi

Patrizia Vergani

Patrizia Vergani

Bicocca GHC

Student Council

The Bicocca Global Health Student Council brings together students to promote, strengthen, and expand global health opportunities for our community and beyond. This collaborative effort brings together students, faculty, and Partners with interest in global health. Some of our student led endeavors are:

  • INTRECCI DI VITA – meaning, Intertwining of Life

    Nearly 4 million babies die each year in their first month of life – half within their first 24 hours – mostly from preventable or treatable causes.

    Knitted Baby caps and blankets are a simple and effective tool that can keep newborn babies warm and ultimately contribute to reducing newborn deaths. An initiative by Eleonora, UNIMIB medicine student along with her mother Clara Bergamelli, who did her traineeship in pediatrics at Lacor hospital.

    The pediatric ward at Lacor has 104 beds, and a new neonatology is under construction.

    Fighting neonatal mortality is a challenge to be won together! Every act towards the same counts.

  • FUND RAISING – after their Traineeship at Lacor, 3 students from the 5th year of Medicine & Surgery, Eleonora, Giuditta and Sofia through a fund raising campaign in Italy raised € 5,650 for saving the lives of premature babies at Lacor hospital.

    “we spent 3 months Traineeship at Lacor Hopsital, it was an intense experience that allowed us to very first time understand a healthcare system that has to deal with limited resources, in which nothing is taken for granted” – Sofia e Giuditta

Bicocca GHC

Students Testimonials

“The first impression I got is that the students here are considered useful and functional workforce alongside doctors and nurses, they are called to act in the first person with patients. What in Italy is done by doctors or Residents or nurses, here is also required of the student. I think this is the reason why, it seems to me that a Ugandan student is better equipped than an Italian postgraduate in everyday clinical activities.”

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Marco Sabaini, 5th year medical student

“I was amazed by the importance given to staff training and meetings. Almost every day there are morning meetings for a couple of hours in which, in a very cooperative atmosphere, the patient data in the ward are discussed, the cases of neonatal death are analyzed and the problems encountered, in order to understand how could they be better addressed and resolved.”

testimonials Bicocca GHC (500 × 500 px)

Raffaella, 5th year medical student,

Lacor Hospital, Uganda

Thank you very much for all the efforts University is making to give us the best experience abroad.

testimonials Bicocca GHC (500 × 500 px)

Giuditta, 5th  year medical student

“The course was helpful and well structured, and we appreciated the counselling workshop.”

testimonials Bicocca GHC (500 × 500 px)

Sofia, 5th year medical students

“I think the counselling support extended is very important for our mental health and well-being during traineeship in a Low-Middle Income Country.”

testimonials Bicocca GHC (500 × 500 px)

Riccardo, 5th year medical student